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Disable inventory tracking for services and non-trackable inventory. profit margin associated with your non-inventory items, simply do not add a cost. Non-inventory Items means items that are not stocked as inventory and not given an inventory identifier by the Stockroom. Sample 1. Based on 1 documents. 1. Non-inventory items can include non-stock items you have not added to Inventory Control, items you plan to add to Inventory Control later.

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Your company can benefit from using a PO system, whether or not you manage inventory. In this tutorial, we show how to use the Sage cloud (Accpac) PO. Non-inventory items can only be used in Purchase Orders, Customer Orders, and Invoices (can be bought and sold). · Non-inventory items cannot be used in BOMs. Non-inventory items are shortcuts for entering line items in many sales- and purchase-related transaction forms in Manager. They are completely optional.

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In Sage ERP there is a setting In PO Option, with a check box 'Allow Non Inventory Items' under the 'Processing' tab [please find screen shot below]. Products marked as 'Non-Inventory' in QuickBooks are products of which the inventory is not tracked. This means that when a product is sold or added to the. Non-inventory items may be materials used for a specific job, or their cost is combined with other fees. Tip: The difference between inventory and non-inventory.