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Mutual funds offer a good and lucrative way to invest regularly a few tens of euros for a child, grandchild or godchild. Saving begins with small steps. Our stocks and shares Junior ISA is a great way of investing for the grandkids. Anyone can invest in them, but they can only be opened by a parent or guardian. For tax reasons, this approach may be best suited to grandparents. Grandparents can set up a designated account for a grandchild and invest a capital sum in it.

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As we've already explained, you can invest for your grandchild with a Junior Stocks and Shares ISA if the one they have allows people other than the child's. One of the best gifts you can give your child or grandchild is a financial education and a start in investing. Armed with money management and investing. A plan is subject to investment and market risks, so a downturn in the market can leave you with less funds than you need. Of course, there are a number of.

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You can gift the stock in-kind and have it sold under the grandchild's name. Under this strategy, the child may pay less in taxes than the grandparent, thus. Yes, grandparents can open investment accounts for their grandchildren. Not every brokerage or trading platform will let you, though. Typically, grandparents. One approach is to vary your generosity by the size of your investment portfolio, Vawter says. Establish the floor amount you feel that you need for your own.