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WHAT IS A GAS-FIRED, INFRARED HEATER? There are several types of gas-fired, infrared heaters, such as ceramic heaters, tube heaters and patio heaters. These. Natural Gas: "WC. • Propane Gas: "WC. Inlet Connection: • ½" female NPT. Certification. • Low Intensity Gas-Fired. Infrared Radiant Tube. Heater. Infrasave's gas fired infrared heaters heat like the sun by heating objects and do not waste unnecessary heat by attempting to heat the surrounding air.

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Infrared rays heat the object directly, not the air around it. When the object becomes hot, it heats the surrounding air and any other objects. With infrared. Serengeti-IR Residential Gas Fired Radiant Infrared Tube Heaters. Heat your garage for less and accept no less! Natural or Propane gas with 40K- 60K BTU. The DR Series represents today's most popular line of high intenstiy gas-fired, infrared heaters. btu, direct spark igntion. Reliable and economical.

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Infrared Tube Heating Systems Are A More Economical Way To Heat Buildings And Outdoor Patios. CoRayVac Specialty Fuel CNG Infrared Tube Heaters. Low-Intensity Gas-Fired Radiant Heaters building products organized by CSI Masterformat Gas-fired infrared heaters are indirectly fired and have a radiating surface between the combustion and intended load. Low intensity infrared, a flame is.