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(c)the company has by special resolution resolved that the company be wound up by the court. A creditor, a shareholder or the company itself can file a. When the court issues a winding up order · No action may be started or continued against the company without the court's leave (permission). · Any disposition of. A creditor can apply to the High Court to wind up a company that owes it money. Usually, the creditor will appoint a solicitor to help it do this after.

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A creditor of a company can make an application to the Court under sP of the Corporations Act for orders winding up the company in insolvency under. Whether you choose to search the Central Index of Winding Up Petitions or call Companies List(formerly known as Companies Court), you're wasting valuable. Compulsory liquidation (Winding up by court) - your company cannot pay its debts and you apply to the courts to liquidate it. Creditors' Voluntary Winding Up.

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'Judge' means any judge of the Court. 'Proceedings' means the proceedings in the winding-up of a company under the Act. 'Chief clerk' means the chief clerk. A company can be legally forced to wind up by a court order. In such cases, the company is ordered to appoint a liquidator to manage the sale of assets and. A petition for the winding-up of a Company is to be made in accordance with Form INSOLVENCY 5. Where the ground for the.