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YE Cultuur- en vrijetijdsmanagement 1 (No longer offered this academic year) YE Travel Management 1 (No longer offered this academic year). Occupation, Student hoge school vrijetijdsmanagement, Coordinator Telemarketingbureau, DJ en Producer ; Birthdate, 3 June ; Age, 42 ; Gender, male. Vrijetijdsmanagement Bertrand Russell College — Havo Experience Strandpaviljoen Club Zand March - Present Kruidvat January - May

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Vrijetijdsmanagement (Leasure Management). · Art and Economics in Event Management. · International Leisure Management. · Media en Entertainment Management. Address of Vrijetijdsmanagement Inholland, submit your review or ask any question, search nearby places on map. Miles Away; Vrijetijdsmanagement Inholland Wildenborch 6 Miles Away; HTRO Diemen Miles Away; Business Studies - Diemen.

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Department, Domein Marketing, Toerisme en Vrijetijdsmanagement. Lectorate, City Marketing & Leisuremanagement. Published in, Health, Tourism and Hospitality. Browse Vrijetijdsmanagement, Associate at Hogeschool Drenthe | Netherlands. International Leisure Management (Vrijetijdsmanagement) Teaching and Examination Regulations Stenden University of Applied Sciences Rengerslaan 8.