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SUGGESTED AMPHIBIOUS EXCAVATOR INSPECTION CHECK LIST. This check list should be used in addition to the information provided in the manual to ensure proper. Complete your excavator inspection checklists from anywhere, using a mobile, tablet or computer. · Download, print or send your completed excavator inspections. Usage: This excavator checklist applies to Inspection & Use of ALL Excavator equipment used for Public Utilities, Construction, Groundskeeping, Landscaping.

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Excavator Pre-Use Checklist. Jobsite If the equipment fails any part of this inspection, remove the key Job Site Inspection Checklist Safety Tips. Equipment Inspection Checklist: During Storage · If possible, drive until engine temperature reaches normal operating temperatures to lubricate all moving parts. EXCAVATOR INSPECTION FORM. Page 1 of 5. YEAR: DATE OF INSPECTION: MAKE: MODEL: INSPECTOR: SERIAL NUMBER: HOUR METER READING: LOCATION: TOTAL HOURS.

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The excavator inspection pad enables you to work through a duplicate checklist and carry out a pre-use inspection, ensuring the excavator is safe for use. An excavator daily inspection form is a log that is filled out by the operator of an excavator detailing the safety check performed on the excavator. February 20, _____ Pending inspection. Page 1 of 2. REGION 6 VIPR PRE-AWARD. FIRE EQUIPMENT INSPECTION CHECKLIST. EXCAVATOR. COMPANY NAME.